Founded in Dallas in 1976, the Autism Treatment Center (ATC) began as a group of six concerned parents with the same problem: their children with autism had been “aged-out” of their treatment programs and no longer had access to services or the support that they still needed. Putting their heads together, these parents went on to become the board of directors for the newly created ATC and worked together to foster a clinic that provides residential, educational as well as therapeutic services for people of all ages with autism.

Fueled by their own experiences, the founders of ATC made it their mission to assist people with autism in every aspect of their lives. Only a brief two years later, in 1978, another group of parents in San Antonio joined ATC to develop their second branch, followed shortly by a group home opening in Dallas. With ATC’s rapid expansion came the necessity for more program capacity, which led to their Texas Education Agency (TEA) certified educational program, Adult Services program and six more group homes.

As a thriving practice network with locations across Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio, Autism Treatment Center has been making the most of Raintree’s technology-enabled solutions and benefits from tools such as our:

  • Scheduler that seamlessly juggles multiple locations in one tool
  • Billing and EMR documentation with automated features to optimize daily workflow
  • patient engagement platform, Connect, that enables self-scheduling, facilitates survey campaigns and automates appointment reminders

Additionally, Raintree offers a comprehensive on-boarding and support team, which ATC has praised as “knowledgeable,” as well as “very friendly and helpful.” Proof – that you’re never alone when it comes to navigating all the features our software has to offer!

Raintree’s all-in-one platform delivers Software-as-a-Relationship, so that the Autism Treatment Center can truly focus on their mission: to assist people with autism and related disorders throughout their lives as they learn, play, work and live in the community. Visit our website for a deeper look at who we are, what we do and why.