Client Testimonial: Bardavon Health Innovations

Bardavon Health Innovations is a pioneering healthcare technology and services company dedicated to revolutionizing musculoskeletal (MSK) health experiences. As the leading provider of complete MSK health solutions, Bardavon partners with employers to prioritize and support the movement health of their employees through a comprehensive range of preventative and post-injury physical therapy solutions.

With a nationwide, tech-enabled network of over 25,000 highly skilled physical and occupational therapists, Bardavon takes a holistic approach to MSK health, leveraging technology and data to optimize both the employees’ well-being and the employer’s bottom line.

Key Successes of Bardavon Health Innovations

  1. Preventative and Post-Injury Physical Therapy: Bardavon offers a comprehensive range of physical therapy solutions designed to prevent injuries and support recovery. Their programs are available both at the workplace, in clinics, and in the comfort of employees’ homes. By addressing movement health proactively, Bardavon empowers individuals to live well and move well, resulting in long-term benefits for both the employees and employers.
  2. Hybrid Care Anywhere: Unlike “digital-only” players in the healthcare industry, Bardavon combines seamless technical and clinical solutions that are accessible at work, in clinics, and at home. This hybrid approach ensures that employees receive the highest quality of care, convenience, and support throughout their MSK health journey.
  3. National Provider Network: Bardavon partners with a nationwide network of therapy providers who share their commitment to holistic care. These providers are equipped with the tools and resources to evaluate and address the whole-person needs of patients, considering the connection between the injury, the individual, their occupational duties, and their environment.

Bardavon Health Innovations has received several prestigious accolades over the years, including being named one of Startland‘s top Kansas City startups to watch in 2018. Bardavon CEO Matt Condon was recognized in the Kansas City Business Journal’s Power 100 for 2019. Forbes honored Bardavon as one of America’s Best Startup Employers for 2020, and Tech Tribune included them in their list of the Best Tech Startups in the same year.

Bardavon continues to lead the way in redefining MSK health experiences, leveraging technology, data, and a nationwide network of providers to improve the lives of employees and drive positive outcomes for employers. These incredible accomplishments are supported by strategic partnerships with industry solutions like Raintree’s all-in-one EMR for therapy and rehab.

Don’t take it from us! To learn how Bardavon Health Innovations accelerated a ‘rocket ship of growth’ by partnering with Raintree, check out this interview with Jeff Hogland, Senior Project Executive.

Why Bardavon Chose Raintree

“After the experience we’ve had, we basically tell everyone: If you’re in PT or OT, you can’t afford to not use Raintree. … It’s really built for the therapist.”

–Jeff Hogland, Senior Project Executive at Bardavon

What were important factors in the decision to choose Raintree?

“Some of the main things for us that have really been important is the flexibility and versatility of customization,” Jeff told us. “Unlike most of your customers, who are providers, we are actually a network of providers in all 50 states.” As the trusted choice for six of the ten largest therapy groups, Raintree is proud to provide powerful, scalable integrations that meet the specialized needs of the rehabilitation therapy field.

How can Raintree’s functionality grow alongside businesses like Bardavon?

Again, flexibility is key. Jeff pointed to Raintree’s “ability to integrate and to customize the product, and yet still be able to do your upgrades and manage the system without reinventing the wheel every time.”

How is the experience of partnering with Raintree Systems?

Jeff emphasized the importance of connecting with various teams at Raintree, from staying in close contact with engineering, to working with product experts in billing and scheduling. “That’s really why we landed with [Raintree] and have stayed: the superb work.”

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