Based in Kansas, Bardavon Health Innovations is a data-analytics company that offers custom solutions created to streamline and optimize workers’ compensation. Their services vary from providing injury prevention programs, matching injured workers with quality treatment and offering worker readiness strategies.

Their mission is to promote a culture of transparency and revolutionize the employee continuum of care through innovative, quality outcome driven solutions. With collecting and analyzing claim data, Bardavon can provide insights that allow their clients to proactively prevent injuries, discover available treatment options and return to work safely.

By utilizing Raintree’s databases for claims processing, generating reports to track trends and other “many ways to customize Raintree for client specific use,” Bardavon is fulfilling our mutual goal to humanize healthcare. 

“Raintree’s team is open and willing to share, teach and troubleshoot with our teams. Their EMR is always enhancing and adapting to meet our needs. Support is also great!”

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