Based in Pennsylvania and primarily serving the greater Harrisburg area, Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy has multiple locations dedicated to specialized physical therapy for patients experiencing chronic pain, prolonged discomfort or recovering from an injury. As part of their diligent consultation process, they utilize diagnostic methods such as movement investigation and gait analysis to create a unique healing experience for every patient. Each treatment plan is truly one-of-a-kind and held to their mission to help everyone reach their highest physical potential! You can even review glowing patient testimonials on their website.

When it comes to managing and scheduling new patients, powerful and flexible technology is absolutely key to effective success. Since September 2020, Raintree has empowered Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy to efficiently provide for their patients by setting them up with our standard scheduling, billing and EMR documentation. 

The combination of these tools has strengthened their clinical and billing workflows as well as streamlined processes previously considered complex or lengthy. In fact, after hands-on experience with our multi-location scheduler tool and a successful implementation of our specialty specific EMR features, Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy has praised “the simplicity of scheduling and creating new accounts.”

Beyond standard clinical documentation, Raintree has also provided Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy with a myriad of engagement tools through our Connect platform. With Connect, they can offer patients self-scheduling options, automate appointment reminders, track billing trends and overall enhance patient healthcare experiences from the moment an appointment is scheduled.

Taking on an all-in-one system like Raintree can seem like a daunting task, especially when moving from a manual record tracking system, but our client support is always available.

Representatives are attentive and quick to respond to any issues.

– Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy

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