Established in 2007, Milemarkers was created to provide the rural areas of Arizona with comprehensive pediatric therapy services. Beyond delivering care to children with developmental needs, Milemarkers boasts adult services as well, offering occupational therapy during adult day programs in addition to guided training for those who wish to transition to employment.

As a practice that focuses on creating a strong community for individuals with disabilities, Milemarkers reflect their values in their staff. With over 70 passionate professionals spread across four locations in Mohave County, each clinic is devoted to providing a “one-stop” shop for therapy and rehab services for children, foster children and their families, as well as young adults:

  • Music Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • After School Program (DTT)
  • Adult Day Program (DTA)
  • Work Services
  • Department of Child Safety (DCS) Programs

Truly dedicated to providing education, support, and thriving environments for families, Milemarkers offers supervised visitations, family connection consultants, and nurturing parent program practitioner services upon request from the DCS. These programs allow for children in foster care to see their families as well as help parents develop skills to manage communication or stress.

Since 2019 Raintree has been proud to aid Milemarkers in their mission to promote growth and change through the power of human relationships. Taking advantage of Connect, our patient engagement platform, Milemarkers has been able to automate communication and lead tracking, as well as provide patients with an accessible portal to access their medical information – delivering convenience for both provider and patient.

“Raintree is very easy to navigate. Their representatives are so helpful and quick to reply.” – Milemarkers

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