Client Testimonial: Mohawk Medical Group

Located in Bakersfield, California, Mohawk Medical Group is a small but mighty medical practice that specializes in family medicine as well as sports medicine. At Mohawk Medical Group the practitioners are dedicated to providing a thorough, researched approach to delivery of patient care. 

What’s more? Beyond just practicing family medicine, the staff also work to ensure that their patients feel like family by welcoming them with open arms and ensuring that each and every one of their needs is met. In fact, per patient reviews one individual said “Wonderful experience. There are not enough stars to truly rate Dr. del Toro-Diaz. She is an amazing physician! She has a vast wealth of knowledge and treats the whole person. Her office staff are kind and welcoming as well”.

Seeing as Mohawk Medical works tirelessly to go above and beyond for their patients – here at Raintree we believe that they deserve a software and support team that will go above and beyond for them. Luckily, we have been able to do just that since 2014 when we first began working with them!

While Mohawk Medical Group utilizes our basic clinical documentation and Connect platform, they are most impressed with our ability to educate users on upcoming product developments as well as provide unmatched support when it comes to any challenges they may face. “The customer service staff are so helpful and prompt. They’re always willing to help train us to use the system properly and the website allows us easy access to track the progress of any request the team is working on!” – Mohawk Medical Group

While Raintree is complex, our intuitive software not only enhances clinical efficiencies and fosters real time patient engagement but most importantly, empowers providers to leverage technology enabled solutions that benefit patients’ plans of care. “Thank you for always being available, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Raintree representatives are awesome!” – Mohawk Medical Group. Furthermore, by maintaining longevity with an interoperable healthcare software – not only has Mohawk Medical saved a plethora of time and money, but they’ve also been able to optimize operations. 

Mohawk Medical Group’s streamlined workflows enable them to dedicate more time to their patients – resulting in improved patient satisfaction and increased clinical retention, all of which is an advantage of leveraging our technology that encompasses Software-as-a-Relationship rather than just a service.

If you and your team are ready for a fully-configurable, all-in-one platform that can grow with your practice – be sure to head to our website or contact us today to learn more!