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Client Testimonial: Small Talk Speech and OT

Image of Melissa Bergquist
Melissa Bergquist

Serving locations across San Diego county (CA), Small Talk Speech and Occupational Therapy provides children of all ages with advanced speech-language and occupational therapy services. Both are available online via Teletherapy and require an assessment of the child prior to planning therapy sessions. Each therapist that works at Small Talk has a diverse background in experience working with numerous disorders and delays. This allows them to be able to build a customized program to help each child individually.

Speech Therapy is offered in three different programs:

  • Individual therapy - Customizing treatment to meet a child's specific needs for growth and learning.
  • Social Language Groups - Pairing children with similar goals to work together so they are able to develop social skills.
  • Preschool Screenings - Specialists evaluating a child to see if they require speech therapy.

Occupational Therapy offers two different programs:

  • Individual therapy - Participating in OT rooms that have play areas as well as sensory tables to help focus on motor skills and daily living activities.
  • Feeding and Oral Motor Work - Treating sensory and behavioral based feeding disorders.

At Small Talk, they believe that parents play an important role in the success of their child's therapy, so much so that Parent Education is being offered as a way of training them to help with their child’s communicative and sensory progress. This encourages a child to continue practicing and developing his or her speech-language abilities at home and at school. In fact, as part of the child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Small Talk collaborates with their patients’ IEP teams to deliver the most cohesive services in order to avoid confusion or disruption to children’s daily routines.

Having several individuals working on a plan for a child requires a solid system in place to keep Small Talk running smoothly on the backend while also having the capacity to concentrate on engaging patients every step of their journey. This is why last year, Raintree started providing them with every engagement tool they needed - in Connect. During the pandemic they were able to use our telehealth tools to stabilize outcomes and also improve their patient revenue cycle through the use of E-Statements. With Connect, they can leverage self-scheduling, facilitate survey campaigns, automate appointment reminders, track billing trends and overall enhance their patients’ healthcare experiences. 

“Raintree is extremely informative, friendly and supportive!” - Small Talk Speech and Occupational Therapy

Are you overwhelmed and in need of an all-in-one platform that can help eliminate clinical inefficiencies and increase staff productivity? Our technology-enabled solutions empower practice management and foster authentic patient engagement. Visit our website to learn more about Connect.

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