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    Therapy For Long-Haul Covid Patients

    Image of Soriah Esquivel
    Soriah Esquivel

    While the evolution of current COVID variants are less likely to cause critical illness, they have still been recognized as highly contagious. In fact, studies show that nearly 53% of patients struggle with symptoms for up to 12 months after infection - a year of constant sickness that can be life-altering! So, with variants and strains like Omicron or Delta, it's very possible to see a rise in long-term COVID patients in the upcoming future.

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    Co-Founder Letter: Our Renewed Mission For 2022

    Image of Lorraine Welty
    Lorraine Welty

    Reflecting On 2021 

    For all of us here at Raintree, the theme for 2021 was perseverance. As we started the year continuing to battle COVID, making decisions on vaccinations, travel and social gatherings, we were challenged to be good citizens. For many of us that meant masking, social distancing, waiting anxiously for COVID test results and for some, attending funerals.  

    While this continued to wear down our hearts and minds throughout the year, nobody was prepared for the ultimate challenge that we faced together - losing our founder and my husband, Richard Welty. The devastating manner in which we lost him had a profound impact on us all.  

    However, throughout this loss, my guiding light was Richard’s constant and persistent focus on the wellbeing of our clients, employees and product. Even up to the night prior to his passing, we discussed how to deliver better training, how we could provide better revenue cycle management services and our planned expansion with the conference center. He truly and deeply wanted a brighter future for us all.

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    How To Prevent Therapist Burnout

    Image of Jessica Shaw
    Jessica Shaw

    With our consistent, tedious push towards the new normal, it isn’t a surprise that physical therapists and other healthcare professionals are reporting increased feelings of stress. Not only are practices experiencing an influx of appointments (both in person and via telehealth), but offices are having to adjust to evolving patient standards of care such as the convenience of E-Statements or the flexibility of self check-in kiosks. That’s why we want to discuss the causes of burnout for physical therapists and explore some ways practice owners can not only support their staff but also better empower their entire organization! 

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    Get Ready For Flu Season

    Image of Kristin Davis
    Kristin Davis

    With the pandemic still looming as we approach the fall season, it is important to remember safety precautions when it comes to both COVID and the Flu as well as how each differs from one another. Keep reading to stay up to date on which symptoms to expect, how to be prepared and what to do if you are diagnosed with COVID. 

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    World Lung Day

    Image of Bobbie Byrd
    Bobbie Byrd

    The basic function of our lungs is fairly simple: take in oxygen from the air and release it into the bloodstream. During a normal day, the average person breathes nearly 25,000 times, but for those suffering with lung disease, drawing those breaths can be difficult. Unfortunately, lung conditions are a common problem, so much so that the World Health Organization estimates seven percent of all deaths worldwide are due to chronic respiratory issues. That's why raising awareness of the prevalence of pulmonology helps people understand how to prevent these diseases and live healthier lives.

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    How Can Interoperability Enable Standalone Healthcare Solutions?

    Image of Bobbie Byrd
    Bobbie Byrd

    Every healthcare organization should leverage technology-enabled solutions in order to effectively handle the unique complexities of day-to-day clinical tasks as well as maximize security, promote engagement and optimize efficiencies. Designed to run independently without input from other systems, stand-alone software solutions are beginning to influence both the technology and healthcare industry, since they are able to perform interoperable tasks such as telehealth, data analysis, revenue cycle management (RCM) as well as billing.

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