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Client Testimonial: Werking Medical Billing

Image of Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis

Werking Medical Billing aka WMB, is a medical billing service provider that offers quality, cost efficient billing services to physical therapists, pain management specialists as well as hospital and internal medicine providers. Located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, WMB’s talented and experienced team work intentionally to deliver solutions that optimize revenue results, support EHR demands and streamline credentialing processes.

Since August, 2007, WMB has leveraged Raintree's automated billing and collections software that allows them to improve financial spending, reduce staff turnover as well as eliminate all postage, supplies and claim form costs.

“We've been a Raintree user since the 90s and have converted our clients from their previous software platforms, so we have used a lot of other billing and collection management products. From what we have seen over the years, there is no other RCM product that compares to Raintree in terms of ease of use, reports and managing complex billing scenarios.” - Werking Medical Billing. 

In addition, WMB utilizes our partnership with TSYS, an integrated payment software solution, that gives them the ability to simplify patient payment experiences and expedite provider wait times for collecting balances. Furthermore, they have also benefitted from Connect, our all in one engagement platform, that helps them communicate more efficiently and pursue continuity of care through the use of automated message campaigns, embedded telehealth and interactive reporting modules.

Werking Medical Billing’s success is a testament to the fact that powerful tools generate powerful results. Whether you are a billing service company, healthcare provider or software engineer, feel free to schedule a demo or watch this brief explainer video!

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