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Client Testimonial: Assential Therapies

Image of Melissa Bergquist
Melissa Bergquist

Located in multiple communities throughout the Chicago area, Assential Therapies has been a multifaceted pediatric therapy practice since 2003. They offer a variety of developmental services, including physical and occupational therapy as well as speech language pathology and their very own specialty feeding clinic. These therapy programs are funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services' (IDHS) Early Intervention Program, so that children ranging from newborns to three years of age can proactively receive the care they need.

Did you know that the first three to five years of a child's life feature critical developmental periods that can affect them later on into their adulthood? That's why Assential Therapies also offers communal group therapy.  During these social sessions, the child is able to interact and learn with other children in an environment where the parents are able to supervise as well as comfort them, so they know they aren't alone. In addition, Assential Therapies hosts workshops for their patients that provide preliminary education and encourage community awareness, because they believe that everyone (including parents) should be educated on what developmental milestones to recognize in every child.

The diverse team of professionals at Assential Therapies are very passionate about what they do and they love to go the extra mile to help any child in need. Since 2019, Raintree has helped them streamline daily tasks and automate clinical workflows, so they can do just that - spend more time focusing on their patients. With our Connect engagement platform, we enable and empower their ability to offer E-Statements, faxing, telehealth as well as automated mass messaging.

“Raintree’s customer service representatives are always nice and helpful. We are a small office, so frequently it is a one man show for me as an owner, but Raintree has made it so easy to get any of our issues addressed. Thank you!” - Assential Therapies

From practice management to patient engagement, Assential Therapies has everything they need to provide the highest quality of care. Interested in learning more about the powerful functionality of Connect? Check out our website to learn more.

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