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Pediatric Therapy and ABA

How Raintree’s Platform Helped Barrett Family Wellness Center Grow

Barrett Family Wellness Center (BFWC) is a community-based pediatric occupational andspeech therapy facility located in Southborough, Mass. dedicated to enhancing the health andwellness of children and their families. BFWC was founded in 2000 by occupational therapistPhyllis Barrett and her son-in-law, Ian Nolan, and her daughter,

3 Best Qualities in an EMR for Applied Behavior Analysis

Often known as a difficult form of therapy, there has been a lack of electronic health record (EHR) systems and digital tools that truly meet the needs of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapists. A large contributing factor to this is their complex treatment plans that

Differentiate Your Practice with Aquatic Therapy

Water is not only fun to play with when the outside temperatures soar, but also a great natural motivator and healing tool, which is why aquatic therapy can be so effective. This type of therapy uses water’s unique properties to boost exercise performance without straining

Technology in ABA and Speech Therapy

Technology plays an integral role not only in everyday life, but in therapy and rehabilitation methods as well! In part one of our “Tech In Therapy” series, we explored technological advancements in both occupational therapy and physical therapy, but part two will delve deeper into

Occupational Therapy and Multisensory Environments

Created as a method of sensory therapy, a multi-sensory environment is a dedicated, flexible space with specialized equipment designed to provide an immersive experience that promotes interaction and relaxation while also stimulating senses. This idea is built around the philosophy that everyone is affected by

Client Testimonial: Assential Therapies

Raintree helps Assential Therapies streamline daily tasks and clinical workflows, so they can spend more time focused on their pediatric patients.