Client Testimonial: MedCare Pediatric Group

Founded in 1991, MedCare Pediatric Group is a multi-location practice that boasts a comprehensive range of nursing and therapy services for children with special medical or developmental needs. For the past 25 years, MedCare’s mission has been to enhance the lives of children every day with individualized physician directed care. 

For a practice that delivers a complete range of treatments for children, it’s important to leverage software that can offer a complete range of tools, so that MedCare Pediatric can focus on what they do best. Since 2013, they have trusted Raintree’s all-in-one platform to help streamline clinical delivery and optimize their patient revenue cycle. 

“The system is easy to navigate and there is always someone to help.” – MedCare Pediatric Group

Our technology-enabled solutions keep any practice, both adult and pediatric therapy, functioning smoothly as well as efficiently. In particular, MedCare Pediatric has benefited from our color-coded scheduler, which is designed to track appointments across several locations and is perfect for a practice servicing patients across the expansive Greater Houston area. 

They also utilize our billing tools, EMR and practice management as well as Connect, Raintree’s patient engagement platform that offers engaging virtual communication tools like telehealth in addition to automated messaging, digital lead tracking and more.

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