How Can Your Emr Facilitate Pediatric Goals?

How Your EMR’s Clinical Documentation Tools Can Facilitate Pediatric Goals

Today’s fast-paced digital world has led pediatric therapy practices to adopt unique workflows that lean on technology to work effectively. The demand for digital solutions that meet the needs of pediatric providers is where electronic medical records (EMR) come in.

Pediatric providers interested in elevating their quality of care need practice management software that facilitates goal-specific documentation efforts as well as an interactive engagement platform that keeps parents involved in their child’s healthcare journey. But those aren’t the only features needed to create a great experience for both providers and patients – an all-in-one EMR can empower specialty-specific providers, such as applied behavioral analysts (ABA) with mobile data collection software as well as robust reporting and tracking tools!

Let’s take a closer look at how configurable forms and other specialty-specific documentation technology can facilitate pediatric goals as well as enable your pediatric therapy practice to deliver individualized treatment plans as well as enhance ABA data collection efforts.

Pediatric and Rehab Clinical Documentation Software Requirements

Pediatric clinical documentation is one of the most delicate workflows a practice will ever have to manage. Unlike adult patient treatment plans, caring for children often requires specialty-specific documentation tools to help you focus more on the quality of care delivered rather than intensive data entry. An electronic health record (EHR) that can improve clinical processes as well as optimize other aspects of an integrated practice management system can be a wise investment for your therapy practice. Here’s an example of the documentation tools a pediatric EMR can offer therapists:

  • Examination profiles for efficient and simple patient diagnosis
  • Configurable documentation that can be tailored to each provider’s preference
  • Clinical templates that accommodate SMART goals

Flexible and Easily Customizable Documentation Tools

The results of integrating an EMR that offers pediatric-specific tools are clear: Flexible clinical customization makes it effortless to run your practice the way you want! The right digital solutions should make it possible to align your therapy operations to your business goals. So what other features should you look for?

To break it down even further, here’s a small taste of the clinical tools available to help optimize your workflows:

  • Templates that simplify heavy documentation, making it hassle-free without compromising the quality of clinical notes.
  • Access to an archive of previously-used goals that you can easily copy and paste into notes. 
  • A copy-and-paste functionality that makes it easy to create new but similar patient treatment plan goals with patient database fields auto-filled. 
  • A documentation summary page that provides a preview of the status of the treatment goals. 

Along with these features, many clinical documentation software solutions come with modular plugins which can be further sorted and customized within a template to facilitate pediatric goals.

Automating Solutions that Accommodate Parent Engagement

Patient and parent engagement should be another priority for any pediatric practice. Since these practices deal with minors, a heavy focus should be placed on the ability to connect with parents via self-check-in kiosks and online portals. Patient portals, or in this case, parent portals, should facilitate scheduled engagement campaigns and automated appointment reminders that target parents and guardians. This not only helps ensure that pediatric patients are attending their appointments, it increases the likelihood that prescribed treatment plans are being followed at home. In fact, studies show that parental involvement with their child’s healthcare during early intervention efforts can support healthy social and emotional growth!

Data Collection Tips and Technology in ABA to Facilitate Pediatric Goals

Applied Behavioral Analysis plays a huge role in pediatric therapy and rehab practices. It is a specialty that is quite demanding in terms of mobility and hands-on treatment, and as such, practices often find it difficult to balance ABA’s documentation needs with available EMR solutions. 

So what does ABA need from a practice management platform in order to deliver optimized treatment to pediatric patients? Effective data collection is the foundation of impactful behavior-analytic therapy, and with good reason! Accurately collected data enables behavior analysts to assess the effectiveness of their pediatric-specific treatment plans and make adjustments as needed. And technology makes data collection in ABA therapy easier, more accurate, time-saving, as well as targeted. 

ABA Data Collection Technology

When looking for the best software to use in collecting data in ABA, you should aim for a platform that addresses all the possible challenges that come with this discipline. The best technology-based ABA data collection solutions should provide:

  • Ease-of-use: Intuitive interfaces such as clear dashboards make documentation and data collection an effortless exercise. When aided with a built-in stopwatch or voice-to-text documentation efficiency tools, these solutions can also prevent staff burnout and enhance productivity. 
  • Ability to work offline: Since applied behavior analysts often have to travel to their young patients, they need mobile data collection technology that works offline because of poor network reception in remote areas. The ability to save collected patient data — parent signature, visit times, and charge capture — and sync later when internet is available ensures smooth operations and improved access to ABA therapy for patients. 

Raintree’s All-In-One EMR Delivers Pediatric-Specific Tools

There is a lot that digital practice management solutions can do for your pediatric clinic, but you shouldn’t settle for the bare minimum. Raintree knows better than anyone that managing a pediatric therapy practice comes with unique and complex challenges. That’s why we provide pediatric therapists with the software needed to optimize clinical documentation workflows, streamline ABA data collection efforts, promote parent involvement through engagement, and more.

Thanks to our interoperable platform, our solutions can integrate seamlessly with your existing software, making it easier than ever to pick and choose the Raintree features that will benefit your practice the best – from digital intake, through appointment documentation, to final billing and payment. Plus, with our robust business intelligence tools, you can track and analyze KPIs and patient outcomes, helping you make data-driven decisions that can grow your practice.

Interested in how Raintree’s all-in-one EMR can facilitate your pediatric goals? Schedule a discovery call with one of our experts today and learn how our tools can be tailored to meet your needs.