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Client Testimonial: Senior Therapy Solutions

Image of Soriah Esquivel
Soriah Esquivel

Operating out of Florida, Senior Therapy Solutions provides indispensable outpatient rehabilitation to residents in assisted living programs. Some of the services they offer include physical, occupational and speech therapy.

“The software is flexible and thorough. It meets our needs.” - Senior Therapy Solutions

Senior Therapy Solutions has been highly praised by assisted living communities because they prioritize delivering compassionate care. With a dedicated effort to improve the quality of life for elderly patients, they strive to restore their functional independence and give them back regular mobility. In addition to group sessions, Senior Therapy Solutions also offers individual treatments that can be provided in the privacy of the patient’s room.

As a practice that offers a variety of services designed to keep their patients comfortable, Senior Therapy Solutions has implemented Raintree’s comprehensive platform for their scheduling, billing, EMR and faxing needs.

Our scheduler is designed with multiple locations in mind, an essential feature for practices that branch out or are planning to grow. With easy-to-navigate color-coded appointments as well as patient tracking software that ties into our billing and EMR tools, Senior Therapy Solutions takes full advantage of our all-in-one platform!

Visit our website to learn more about Raintree’s digital healthcare platform and discover the difference in how we empower Software-as-a-Relationship.

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