Client Testimonial: Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center

The Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center, or Pediatric TLC, has been serving Louisiana’s Acadiana region with developmental and educational resources since 2007. Their multidisciplinary facility offers a wide range of therapeutic services that are designed to help Pre-K and school-aged children thrive.

But Pediatric TLC stands apart from other pediatric clinics in more ways than one! As part of their commitment to providing quality care in a nurturing and loving space, they encourage parent involvement, when appropriate, and follow a developmental model to deliver speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, and early intervention services.

While their custom-built facility has traditional sensory spaces and equipment built to enrich engagement, they take it a step further by also accommodating playrooms as well as smaller therapy areas to cater to patients that benefit from different approaches to therapy. This method of treatment creates the perfect environment for children to pursue their own interests through individualized activities that challenge and develop important skills within their own level of functioning capability.

Beyond treatment plans, parents in the Lafayette area also have the opportunity to be acquainted with the Learning Center Programs that Pediatric TLC offers. Operated by both therapists and educators, these programs are designed to help children develop social skills with their peers, focus on developmentally-appropriate activities that hone communication and attention skills, as well as exercise learning techniques that can help prepare children for school.

How Does Raintree’s EMR Support Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center?

Pediatric TLC’s collaborative plans of care have taken the clinic a long way in their journey, ultimately cultivating the tremendous growth that enabled them to upgrade their entire facility into the custom-made building they operate out of today! That’s why, since 2018, Raintree has been proud to empower Pediatric TLC’s continued success with the power of Connect, our comprehensive patient engagement platform. 

“We have been very pleased with Raintree. The system is capable of so many things! It addresses the needs of our smaller business, but it also has the potential to meet our clinic needs as we continue to grow.” – Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center

From a fully equipped patient portal to tailored messaging options, Connect allows pediatric therapy practices to personalize patient experiences and facilitate positive patient outcomes, all while supplying flexible, powerful solutions that providers need to foster future growth. 

Schedule a free discovery call with our experts today and find out for yourself how Raintree’s all-in-one EMR can help your pediatric therapy practice succeed. Set yourself up for success by streamlining financial and administrative processes, automating patient engagement, and so much more!