The Obesity Treatment Center or Hernried Center For Medical Weight Loss offers a variety of bariatric services but is most commonly known for its “Keep It Off” program that promotes the benefits of eating keto-based foods and working out regularly. With a two-prong approach, they balance in person visits with online education – through an app that helps enhance patient experiences and boost clinical outcomes. You can explore some of their customers’ success stories here

With three locations in Northern California, The Obesity Treatment Center has found great success in helping their patients avoid fad diets as well as implement exercise routines that are both time and cost effective. Through his own personal weight loss journey, Dr. Hernried’s mission is to be informative and compassionate, much like Raintree’s very own cause, “to make healthcare efficient, accessible and affordable for everyone”.

Since early 2010, they have leveraged our foundational practice management tools that give them the ability to automate workflows, streamline specialty specific service tickets as well as utilize scheduling features that make it easy to manage and engage with patients, referral sources or payors. “They have great customer service and a quality program.”- The Obesity Treatment Center 

Equipped with our technology-enabled solutions that have been custom built for over 10 different healthcare specialties including: behavioral health, chiropractic, podiatry, pulmonology, rheumatology and more, they also use our basic billing platform which allows them to optimize their patient revenue as well as improve collections, so that they can ultimately – get paid faster! “Raintree’s support staff gets back to us in a timely manner and are always eager to help. They are extremely helpful, efficient as well as knowledgeable and respond quickly to our inquiries or cases.” – The Obesity Treatment Center 

If you’re curious about how we can help you with specialized practice management or want to learn more about our standalone solutions, click here to read about interoperability