Serving Lake County, Illinois since 2002, Pediatric Interactions offers free developmental screenings both in the office and at select preschool locations to help parents make informed decisions concerning their child’s wellbeing. From speech therapy to occupational therapy to group therapy, Pediatric Interactions has an expert staff committed to providing quality care for their young patients.

They know better than anyone that finding the resources to help a child flourish can be a massive challenge. That’s why their team of therapists offers flexible care options with both telehealth and in-person appointments, as well as carefully crafted programs, at-home activities, and even kits that parents can use at home to ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn and grow in the environment they’re most comfortable in.

With the tailored, individualistic care that Pediatric Interactions provides, it’s no surprise that they take advantage of digital solutions that can provide them with high levels of customization for their own workflows. That’s why, since 2013, Raintree has been proud to elevate Pediatric Interaction’s care through Connect, our patient engagement platform.

From telehealth sessions that allow patients to work with therapists from the convenience of their own home to a parent portal that enables parents or legal guardians to monitor their child’s progress, Raintree provides the tools that every pediatric therapy practice needs to succeed! What’s more, our specialized documentation templates and interactive dashboards make clinical processes a breeze, allowing care providers to spend more time with their patients and less time on paperwork.

“We continue to be impressed by how Raintree representatives go out of their way to learn about each individual company that they are working with and the continuous back and forth dialogue that allows for the customization of their programs.”

– Pediatric Interactions

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