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Client Testimonial: Solaris Pediatric Therapy

Image of Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis

Located in Houston, Texas, Solaris Pediatric Therapy is a therapeutic facility for children that offers both occupational and physical therapy with a unique, holistic approach. Solaris is built up of talented and adept therapists who seek to bring each and every child tools they need to help them find comfort in everyday life. 

In fact, the mission of each and every team member at Solaris is to be a source of hope and discovery for the children and families they help. By looking at their years of experience and inspiring testimonials, it suffices to say they are doing just that. 

Since July 16th, 2018, Raintree has been proud to service Solaris Pediatric Therapy and help fuel the impactful work being done within their organization. Our platform enables their staff to streamline productivity and enhance clinical efficiencies. With tools like our follow-up-que, seamless scheduler and patient portal, Solaris is set up for success in that patient information is better organized so that providers are more effectively prepared to deliver excellent, engaging care.

“Raintree is great for its customization capabilities and the number of different services it provides”. 

Solaris utilizes our intuitive EMR and faxing software which empowers their clinical documentation to not only meet their current needs - but limitlessly grow with them as their practice operations become more complex. Additionally, Solaris leverages our partnerships with TSYS and Waystar, giving them the ability to elevate their patient revenue cycle and improve all aspects of their billing processes. They also connect with their patents through the use of our CONNECT engagement platform via telehealth, automated mass messaging and interactive outcomes reporting. 

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